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Manager – Upperhill (UAP)

In 2012 I got my start in customer service in an aviation company and it was there that I realized the clientele weren’t the only ones who could have a meaningful experience – through my efforts, the employees could, too. I have worked in a myriad of industries including Aviation, hotel hospitality, restaurant management, real estate and fitness. Over the years and through these roles I discovered that the most important part of Human Resources is focusing on the human. I aim to be an approachable touch-point for the team while upholding high standards – a perfect endeavor for a supportive and collaborative company like RacingSportGym.



My name is Violet Kivuti. My background and experience are in client liaison. I joined RSG in 2021 and my experience has been wonderful. I love working with clients of different ethnicities and our amazing team. Over the years I have learnt strong customer relations, driving sales, sustainability and growth. I am a yoga enthusiast and I believe working out is beneficial to body, mind and soul.


My names are Eunice Wanjohi. I joined RacingSportGym family as a receptionist in December 2019. RacingSportGym Is my home away from home and the endless love and care shared amongst staff is something I never experienced elsewhere. I have had the chance to meet and interact with different people and that has made me sharpen my skills to becoming better at both customer service and person to person interaction. Before I joined RacingSportGym I had a very different view on how and why to work out but I have come to learn that the major and most important thing about working out is consistency and discipline and without those two your journey to and from the gym will never bear fruits. I never saw myself before working or even associating with the fitness industry having studied hospitality and tourism but ever since I joined RacingSportGym am always looking forward to a new day since each day I get to learn exiting and motivating ideas that the fitness industry holds.


My name is Grace Kimani and I am a holder of a degree in journalism. All through my life I have been passionate about communication, and I believe that is what made me join RacingSportGym. I have worked with RacingSportGym since December 2019, and that has greatly contributed to the person that I am today. I have grown in many different ways and gained exposure. I am thankful for my colleagues who have made the working experience smooth. Outside work, I enjoy watching documentaries, hiking and cooking.