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Member Policy


In order to ensure that all of our members experience a safe and enjoyable workout environment, we have established the following policies and guidelines. Please read and observe these guidelines. We may amend or add to these policies at any time. Thank you for your cooperation.


Any individual 14 years and above are ledgible ro join any RSG facility. Children under the age of 14 may not utilize the cardio and strength training areas, or the group exercise areas, unless enrolled in a RSG program or service. Select locations have a limited membership option available for children under 14 (all individuals 14–17 years old must have a parent or guardian sign a membership agreement). Check with your Gym for age requirements.


All RSG memberships may be canceled under terms agreed upon and outlined on the front of the Membership Agreement. Certain rights of cancellation may vary by gym regulations. RSG’ cancellation policy allows members to cancel their memberships according to the following:

  • Memberships without an obligation term may be cancelled at anytime by providing prior notice to the RSG in the time frame indicated by your agreement. Additional cancellation fees may apply.
  • Memberships within an obligation term may be cancelled using one of the methods below:
    • Medical Cancellation – Immediate cancellation upon receipt of approved medical documents. Fees may apply
    • Moving Cancellations – Receipt of approved relocation documentation is required. Regulations for minimum distance, cancellation fee and notice period will vary.
  • Members may initiate the cancellation in person at any gym location or by sending a cancellation request by Email to the gym.


Changes to your membership type may be available depending on the terms of your agreement. Membership changes may result in additional fees, restrictions or a new obligation period. For more information about your options please speak with a manager at your gym location.


Scan your face each time you enter the gym. This improves security by distinguishing you from nonmembers. It also verifies the unique access privileges you’ve paid for, protecting the value of your membership. Another benefit is that we can monitor total gym usage and add staff when attendance spikes. Finally, if you’d like to know how often you have used our gyms (say for tax or insurance purposes), it makes obtaining a gym usage report possible.


Our locker rooms have lockers for you to store your belongings while you work out. Just bring your own coin- 10/20 shillings to lock for one day use, or rent for a month at 1000/- and get the key.


  • You may freeze your membership for a minimum of one month, a maximum of 3 months within a year if you are in the annual or auto subscription memberships.
  • During a membership freeze
    • A medical suspension is available for no cost when accompanied by a signed doctor’s note.
    • Following the expiration of your suspension you will resume standard monthly billing.
    • You may not use the gym or any of its programs or services.
  • To ensure proper billing, please request your suspension at least 2 business days prior to your billing date.