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If you’ve ever wanted to buy a gym membership at an affordable price, you have to consider RacingSportGym and the flexibility we allow with our options. RSG membership isn’t super expensive, it gets you access to all our facilities, all of the equipment you require to lookbetternaked and some additional services & promotions which we will surprise you with from time to time.

RSG is a tribal fitness club that accommodates different cultures, races and ages. However, for one to be a member he/she has to be 16 years and above. Members who are under 18 are advised to have a personal trainer at all times when using the gym equipment. Members are entitled to use either one of our clubs (Parklands or UAP (Upperhill)). This also includes use of hot showers, steam, sauna and parking services.

RSG well known for offering corporate memberships to companies’ i.e. UAP, ZEP-RE, CO-OP BANK and KDIC. Corporate membership is 10% of the monthly membership. For your company to qualify for corporate membership you should have at least ten people willing to join the gym. Corporate membership is based on one start date and one due date for all the members, and one mode of payment is accepted.i.e Cheque, Mpesa.

A subscription membership is an annual membership (12 months) but spread over 1 year, it is a financial concept introduced by RSG to enable members to take advantage of all the benefits of an annual membership but with the flexibility to pay over 12 months. The advantage of a subscription is financial in nature; this means you are paying monthly for a 12 months/365 days’ membership. The subscription membership allows you to pay a monthly amount at a discounted rate, saving you money instead of joining on the month to month basis. The member can join on any date and membership would run through 12 calendar months.

For example: a member joins on a subscription on May 5, 2018, the membership will expire on May 4, 2019. The first payment will be due on joining which is May 5, 2018. The subscription amount will be due every 5th of the month thereafter, June 5, July 5, August 5……..and the last payment will be due on April 5, 2019. 12 equal payments.

RSG can offer you a further savings on your subscription payment if you register for automatic debit option. This service is offered by Zizu Investments Ltd. and KCB bank whose main objective is to make your life easier and save you money as you access gym services. RSG has been offering this service for past 10 months to over 100 members and it has proven to be an efficient mode of payment with no complains or hitches.

To register and be able to pay via Auto Debit, clients will be required to fill a form at the club with one of our front desk staff . The client will also need to be a holder of either a Visa or Master card that permits online payments.

After registration Zizu Investments will be debiting your card every month on your membership expiry/renewal date. All members may choose a debiting date that they are comfortable with. A member can only change his/her membership renewal date once.

A subscription and Annual memberships has the benefit of freeze time in 30-day intervals (maximum of 3 times in a year). Members’ payments will still be due as scheduled and the freeze time will be automatically be added back to their membership. A member-only freezes time and NOT payments. In this case, the member will continue making payments when the membership is activated.

Members who would like to freeze their memberships should send an email to

Members who would like to be removed from auto debit may also send an email to 7 days in advance.